Something Else – MAC

We are prepared to offer general advice, surveys or any other bespoke service you need.

If you cannot see what it is you would like us to support you with, please complete an enquiry form here and we will either provide details of how we can help you with your specific requirements or signpost you the relevant organisation should your request be outside our scope of works.

Other areas of work may include :-

  • Due Diligence Building Review if your academy is planning to take another school into your family of Academies. This is proving a highly valued service to ensure MAC’s do not blindly take on buildings that are in poor condition, leading to a significant financial risk.


  • 5 Year Maintenance Plans – This is again proving popular in order to support financial planning and to give an understanding of your asset management priorities. The plan can be provided for induvial academies or prioritised across all academies within a MAC.


  • Statutory Testing / Compliance Audits – Are your individual Academies ensuring compliance with all Statutory Testing / Compliance requirements? We offer audits and reports on the latest situation for each site, giving recommendations if all items are not compliant or in place.

Support with obtaining quotes and advising on ensuring compliance in order that CEO’s / Trustee’s can be assured all schools are safe is also available.