Full Property Services Offer for Schools

Please Note: Our full Property Services Offer is most advantageous to school / academies within a 5 mile radius of any boundary with Wolverhampton or Walsall. If you are interested in the full offer but are outside this location, please contact us to discuss options.

Context and Introduction

Headteachers, Governing Bodies and Trust Boards have an increasing range of responsibilities with regard to their site and buildings. As such, it is essential that school leaders receive effective professional advice regarding all aspects of day to day and planned maintenance works.

This service offers an opportunity for a holistic approach to the management, upkeep and improvement of school buildings. This offer intends to support schools and School Leaders through all aspects of building management and is designed to be the only service you require. All personnel working on this contract will have a specialist and long-standing, successful history of providing excellent support to schools. Our staff understand what you need and want from a property service. We also understand that providing inspiring and well maintained accommodation is one of the ingredients needed to supporting teaching and learning.

This service has been specifically designed around what school leaders have explained that they need. We have developed this contract offer by listening to, and understanding what, our customers want.

Our proposal is intended to help schools to develop a co-ordinated and strategic approach to building and site management. This will be achieved by working closely with schools to:


Prioritise requirements – develop proposals – procure and deliver improvement and maintenance schemes – maintain the schools assets.

Out Of Hour’s Support

Included in the service offer is a 365 days a year, 24 hours a day contact number for emergencies. The service will cover all building related emergencies and support. We will discuss response arrangements with the various contractors that individual schools may prefer to use. If we cannot obtain agreement from the schools preferred contractors to offer the same level of service we will organise out of hours cover from other contractors as required. We will ensure that a fully co-ordinated out of hour’s system is in place for all clients.

Asset Management

Strategic Planning – We intend to assist in developing robust and costed building development plans so Headteachers, School Leaders, Governors, Diocesan Education Boards, Trust Boards or indeed Multi Academy Trusts can have confidence in the management arrangements for prioritising and completing required works

We will ensure each school has access to an annual visit to discuss building and site related issues and to review each schools building development plan. The school will receive minutes from the meeting detailing agreed actions etc. It is our intention that high priority condition, suitability and sufficiency works are detailed on building development plans so a full picture of building issues is logged & prioritised.

We will carry out ‘non-intrusive’ condition assessments to feed into the schools strategic building development plan.

Funding Requests – Community & Voluntary Controlled Schools – We will, on behalf of individual schools, develop initial proposals and estimates to support bids to the Local Authority for capital funding from the Education Capital Programme for schemes of a serious or large scale that cannot be funded from schools own resources. This will involve a report and or photograph’s and estimated costs etc to enable your Council colleagues to consider your request.

Funding Requests – Voluntary Aided Schools – We will develop initial proposals and estimates to support bids to the relevant Diocesan Board of Education for Capital funding for building or services related items. We will support the provision of information to assist colleagues managing the LCVAP Programme in determining funding priorities as required. Should funding be approved from the LCVAP budget we would be happy to project manage these works [including completion of relevant EFA paperwork] on behalf of the individual school, at the fee level detailed elsewhere in this document.

Funding requests – Academy Schools – Service provision to customers in the Academy sector [including Academy sponsors] will include initial information and advice with regard to potential bids to the Education Funding Agency for opportunities such as the Condition Improvement Fund [CIF]. We can offer an additional service to develop the bid fully and submit on behalf of Academy schools. Should funding be approved from the CIF budget we would be happy to project manage maintenance works on behalf of the Academy. The fee element for this work is funded directly via the CIF programme at 10% in line with all other maintenance scheme charges.

Initial ideas support – As part of this contract offer, we will work with clients in the early stages of considering developments or reorganisation of the sites and buildings. The details produced will provide some initial high level space allocations, ideas on programme and an estimated cost etc. This information can be used to decide on a chosen way forward without incurring additional or up front design costs. Schools will be responsible for obtaining their measured plans from Corporate Asset Management to assist in this process. Should a feasibility study be required, this will attract additional fees to be agreed on a job by job basis.

Calendar of events – To assist in planning works in an effective and efficient manner we propose to work with individual clients to develop a building maintenance calendar. The aim is to build in sufficient time for the annual visit, consideration of priorities, the assessment of available funding and the procurement of the building work to take place. This will ensure works carried out on site are undertaken in an organised and co-ordinated manner.

Liaison with Primary, Nursery, Special or Secondary Forums – Where significant number of schools in a LA join our full service, we will support as follows. There are clearly issues that Headteachers need to understand and have independent advice on with regard to capital issues. To assist schools with their collective dealings with Council colleagues and on the assumption of a large take up of our service level agreement, it is offered that we will support and advise the various Headteacher forums on building and finance related issues for items such as: VFM from centrally held capital programmes, expansion proposals, reorganisations in relation to age ranges or sizes of schools etc. We believe this is essential support in the current climate for schools but is not something we intend to make any charge for.


Maintenance & Response repairs


A full, 24/7 responsive, service to resolve day to day repairs to the building fabric including the appointment of appropriate contractors and the inspection of the quality of work and accuracy of invoices from contractors as required.

Included in the contract offer is dealing with response maintenance items for works up to a maximum of £5,000. This will include obtaining quotations where requested [in normal circumstances we would not normally expect more than 1 quotation to be sought for works under £2,500], organising a convenient date for the work to be carried out, inspect the work as the scheme progresses and/or on completion as necessary; We would check and agree the quality of the completed work and the accuracy of invoices [as required] etc.

Advice and support on how to deal with issues as they arise, ensuring minimal disruption to the delivery of education.

Advice and support with regard to an annual maintenance programme to protect the fabric of the building [both internal and external] from dilapidation.

To assist schools with premises related financial planning and, as a follow up to your annual visit, we will develop ideas and estimates for taking forward building or site related planned maintenance or improvement items.

Mechanical & Electrical

A full, 24/7 responsive, service to resolve day to day repairs to the mechanical and electrical services of the school including the appointment of appropriate contractors and the inspection of the quality of work and the invoices from contractors as required. Respond to telephone calls/emails regarding a wide range of maintenance issues and failures including: heating, air handling plant, ventilation systems, hot and cold water systems, Building Management Systems and other heating control systems.

When issues raised are difficult to diagnose due to the fact that it could a Mechanical, Combustion, Electrical or Building Energy Management/Controls problem, an engineer may visit the School and carry out diagnostic investigations as to where the problem lies. If a repair is required we would arrange a contractor from the relevant discipline on your behalf to execute works under our direction.

Where a repair is easily diagnosed we would organise for a Contractor to attend without us having to visit the School to make an assessment.


We will respond to requests from Schools to visit site and provide advice on Mechanical Installations, Building Energy Management Systems and other Controls Systems.


We will attend site to carry out diagnostic fault finding and functional checks including fine tuning and adjustments to Building Energy Management Systems and Heating Controls to ensure energy efficient operation of buildings.


As required, for example seasonally, we will carry out adjustments to Building Energy Management Systems and other Heating Control Systems.


We will respond to requests from Schools to provide Energy and Water Conservation advice including investigating and advising on issues with unusually high energy or water consumption issues.


Carry out condition surveys to mechanical & Electrical services installations and provide advice on issues that should be included in strategic planning/building development plans.


Review and advise on Legionella Risk Assessments and reports from monitoring information received.


Review and advise on Statutory Testing / Compliance reports received.


Co-ordinate response works and projects regarding mechanical services, electrical services installation and asbestos removal projects up to a value of £5,000. Schemes above £5,000 will be classed as Planned Maintenance Schemes and will attract a professional fee.


Planned Maintenance Schemes

For planned maintenance schemes with a value of over £5,000 we would discuss school requirements, develop specifications, obtain quotations with quotations always returned to the school, arrange a pre-contract meeting as required, organise a convenient date for the work to be carried out, inspect the work as the scheme progresses and/or on completion. We would check and agree the quality of the completed work and the accuracy of invoices etc. This service work would incur an additional fee of 10% of the contract sum for the project.

The service to be provided would include, but is not limited to, the following;

  • A review of the required work and an agreed scope of the scheme being developed for agreement by the Headteacher.
  • Assessment of health & safety implications [asbestos & Construction Design Management regulations etc]
  • Early notification of any third party costs that may be incurred by the school, as part of the works; Planning Authority or building control charges, CDM 2015 Compliance support, any required surveys, any specialist sub-consultant fees (such as Structural Engineers etc).
  • The provision of a draft programme detailing all stages from initial appointment to completion of all works.
  • The preparation of relevant specifications and drawings commensurate with the works being carried out including school sign off prior to procurement.
  • Agreement with school regarding the contractors to be invited to quote for the works.
  • The procurement of quotations fully in accordance with The Council’s finance and contract rules/ standing orders [or the individual Academy or MAT rules etc]. Please note that the process of procurement will involve the individual schools receiving sealed quotations etc to ensure complete impartiality from Concept Education Services Staff.
  • A detailed quotation report and recommendation will be provided to enable the school governing body to make an informed decision on the best value quotation for the individual scheme.
  • Co-ordination and management of the pre-contract meeting and update meetings throughout the project as required.
  • Site inspections whilst the construction works are on site and a 24-hour emergency number for the duration of the project.
  • Management of the completion and post completion arrangements including the settlement of an agreed final account with the appointed contractor.


Facilities Management/ Compliance

It is not our intention to set up large contracts and try to ensure schools use certain contractors. We intend to develop a schedule of required compliance items and provide and advice and support to schools to allow local flexibility but ensure that all statutory servicing and inspections of building services installations etc is carried out. Schools will order the testing etc directly with chosen contractors/suppliers. This will ensure that this important element is carried out by competent contractors and formally recorded ready for inspection by third parties. The works included here are plant and equipment, gas appliances, legionella, periodic testing and inspection of fixed electrical installations, portable appliance testing, fire alarms, fire-fighting equipment and emergency lighting installations etc. We will also support schools to obtain Display Energy Certificates [DEC] in accordance with requirements. Schools already use a variety of different contractors to carry out the above work and we will work with individual schools to identify the best fit for your needs.

Advice will also be given on items that should be tested/serviced at regular intervals as best practice even if there is no statutory requirement to do so.

Upon receipt of Statutory Testing information, we will advise on any recommendations, obtain quotations as required and support the school or academy through these aspects of work.


Energy Advice & Procurement support

Gas & Electricity supply –Whilst this is not a major part of our offer, we can advise and signpost schools to providers that, for our experience, obtain best value energy rates and provide appropriate backup service. Our aim here is to get the best deal possible for schools, including energy usage graphs/support, whilst ensuring that schools have the best possible opportunity for financial and budget control by receiving timely billing information direct from a utility company.


General Information


It is recognised that individual schools may have their own long standing, good and appropriate working relationships and have received good service from differing contractors over a number of years. It is envisaged that a list of approved/preferred contractors for each trade/element of works will be agreed with each individual school at the start of the contract period. We will not insist that schools use particular contractors, as our service will have the level of flexibility that we believe schools require. In addition, they will need to be Principal Contractor approved by both Constructionline and CHAS.

We will be happy to work with any contractors and are happy to introduce bespoke arrangements for each school. The only stipulations are that the contractors must be Constructionline approved and CHAS [Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme] or equivalent industry Health & Safety scheme approved. They must, however, be prepared to deliver the quality service we all expect whilst achieving value for money.

In addition all contract operatives must be DBS cleared, contractors must have a minimum of £5m public liability insurance and, where necessary, be able to act as Principal Contractor under the CDM Regs 2015.

Contractors will be expected to invoice individual schools directly for the works which have been carried out. We will inspect invoices, as necessary, and confirm to individual schools if the invoices should be paid. We will take up any queries regarding quality of work or invoice amounts directly with the contractor.

Financial Management

We believe by placing your own orders and receiving invoices on completion of works schools will have a better understanding of their financial situation at all times.

Procurement – Standing Orders/Finance & Contract Rules

We will ensure that procurement of contractors is carried out fully in accordance with Council standing orders and contract rules [or Academy/MAT financial procedures etc]. Individual schools will be directly involved in the choice of contractors for inclusion on tender lists and in the opening of tenders etc to ensure fair and transparent tendering is applied to all works.


Health & Safety

All works undertaken will be carried out in accordance with the relevant health & safety legislation [CDM Regulations 2015, Asbestos regulations etc] and ensuring good practice is adopted to minimise disruption and risks for occupants of the school. We will liaise with the schools own health & safety officer/provider in relation to building work. Individual schools will be responsible for costs associated with the appointment of CDM 2015 compliance support on projects that require this type of involvement. We will, of course, provide advice regarding this issue.


Planning Approval, Listed Building Consent & Building Regulation Approval

We will advise on the requirements for planning or building regulation compliance on individual schemes as they arise. Individual schools will be responsible for paying the relevant statutory charges but the submission of the applications will form part of the agreed fee element for the individual scheme.

Use of Sub Consultants for Smaller Scale Design Schemes

Dependant on the type of scheme planned it may be necessary to appoint sub consultants [architect or structural engineer]. We will manage any work of this nature and only suitably qualified and insured consultants will be appointed. At the feasibility stage of any contract we will identify any related costs or additional fees that may be required to successfully deliver the project.

Larger Scale Design Schemes

It is not our intention to deliver larger scale design schemes [Extensions in excess of 50 square metres] as we believe that would impact on our resources and could potentially lead to a less responsive service to our customers. Our proposal will be to work with schools to support them on this type of scheme to effectively execute their role as client. We believe there are sufficient high quality consultants for us and individual schools to work with to best deliver our clients requirements in this area of work. We would work with schools to appoint the right design team and will support schools through the whole process. The fee charge for this will be 1% of the contract sum.

The same fee charge would apply for supporting schools at all stages, through expansion or major building projects delivered by Council colleagues or their representatives.

Additional Specific Items for Individual Schools

Should individual schools require additional support with building and site related issues we would be happy to discuss specific requirements and agree additional costs if appropriate.

Staff Working on this Contract

All staff employed on this contract will have significant experience of working in the education/schools sector and will fully understand the service that our customers expect.

All staff employed on this contract will have an enhanced level DBS check.

All staff working on this contract have also successfully completed the NSPCC Introduction to Safeguarding Training Course.

All staff are asbestos awareness trained and have received general site safety training from an approved provider.


Quality of Service

A termly meeting will be offered to a representative group of Headteachers [to be chosen by schools that purchase the service]. This meeting will review all aspects of the service provided and will consider any issues, changes and improvements that might be required. In addition this group will consider any additional services that schools may wish to be offered at a future date.


Our Promise To You

We will

Treat schools in this contract as clients

Deliver on our promises

Set clear roles and responsibilities for each member of the team in order for the schools to be fully aware of who is responsible for each specific area of the service

Ensure all schools understand what they should do, and who they contact, when they have an issue etc

Ensure schools have a contact sheet with all relevant numbers and contact details for all team members involved in the service delivery.

Build and maintain completely independent but professional relationships with contractors and other service providers to benefit the service delivered to schools

Be honest and professional at all times in our dealings with schools and contractors

Only appoint staff and sub-consultants who share the vision and ethos of the company

Provide the service detailed within this contract offer to a high standard

Aim to exceed schools expectations at all times and do everything we can to avoid letting you down

Ensure every contractor sent to schools understands what is expected of them

Look to work with Headteacher partners to develop offers in other service areas where schools feel this may be beneficial


Cost Of Service

The costs of the full Property Services Offer is available on request. Our costs and based on the size of the school – nursery, 1FE, 1.5FE primary schools etc all the way through to secondary schools.

Contact: Denis O’Rourke 07795023260 – denis@concept-es.co.uk

Or : enquiries@concept-es.co.uk – 01902 539888