Even if you make minor alterations to your catering environment you are likely to be subject to regulations put in place to protect the operatives and others who use the facilities. These alterations can seem trivial but may create issues when gas engineers carry out their annual compliance checks. We are aware of instances where new ventilation canopies have been required as a knock on effect of minor works that have impacted on the gas / ventilation test results.
We would request that schools contact us prior to carrying out any of the works detailed below to enable us to provide you with the correct support and advice:
1. The replacement of gas equipment or extra gas equipment being added.
2. Roof works; building works that could alter the layout or volume of the working area.
3. Addition or removal of doors and windows; ventilation grilles/fans, etc.
4. Repairs to old ventilation systems where some fans do not operate correctly or fail to continue running whilst the catering appliances are operational.
5. Works due to draughts or heating issues, including covering of permanent ventilation grilles.
6. Use of mobile fan units / air conditioning within the catering area.
7. Works to the gas supply pipes especially following any smell of gas (which should be reported immediately).
8. A change in servicing provider (or an intention to carry out in-house) including cleaning filters, extract or inlets.
9. Ceiling alterations or changes to electric lighting or access to natural light.
10. Installation of new flooring
Seemingly small changes to the catering environment may invoke a requirement to bring other areas up to current gas regulation standards. In order to comply with changes in regulation, Concept Education Services Ltd recommend that you obtain advice from the relevant specialists before committing to alterations to the equipment, layout or operation of the catering facility.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.