Support with Third-Party Funded Schemes – MAC

One of our most valuable services is to support individual MAC’s where the Local Authority may be carrying out, or planning a school expansion project.

Our support includes:-

  • A designated officer to support through the project.
  • Attendance at specific, end user focussed, detailed design / client meetings to support the school position.
  • Attendance at pre-contact and main monthly update meetings.
  • Review of monthly meeting notes and advice on matters arising.
  • Attendance at specific or Governing Body meetings, as required.
  • Review of drawings / paperwork etc prior to meetings.
  • Developing reports, as required.
  • Responding to issues as they arise and telephone support for general advice.


This support would be focussed around ensuring disruption is minimised for the MAC throughout the project and the final solution provided is of real benefits to the MAC moving forward.

We will advise on items that should be included in the overall costs for the scheme so the MAC is not left out of pocket or with adverse knock on effects of the project on completion.

Whilst we have supported MAC’s after a contractor has been appointed and the design has been finalised, schools have found our services most beneficial when we are appointed at the earliest possible stage of the project.